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Kiosks allow customers to complete self-service transactions, expand inventory reach by providing in-store access to online products, and help build customer loyalty. Brand marketers use kiosks to educate potential customers, getting a consistent message across without employing sales people. The touch interface is universal and can be used by anyone regardless of language, education, or cultural background.





Health care Kiosk

  • experience in self service check-in and emergency department patient flow.

  • overview of features, benifits, and ROI potential.

  • patient list summary and case study downloads.

  • turnkey solutions


Utility Kiosk

  • Taking payments can be managed by using a dedicated self-service payment kiosk.

  •  to execute transactions in a location, manner, or volume that would make live staffing unfeasible, like during busy hours 

State & Local Goverment Kiosk


  • self-service kiosks automate high demand functions


  • inmate commisarry and banking intergrate with jail managment systems


  • the solution to navigating campus life


  • customers pay routine bills conveniently


Marketing Kiosk

  • Gain specific details about the users and/or customers who visit your location

  • Utilize the data to improve your customer experience/satisfaction

  • Empower and gratify your users/customers by asking for their opinion

  • Identify and capitalize on your target market

  • Potentially improve your revenue by learning more about your users/customers

Retail Kiosk

  • Reduce transaction cost and increase efficiency.

  • Expand sales options

  • Self-service boots sales and convienience

  • unattended sales delivery Solutions

Education Kiosk

  • Class Registration

  • Book/Research Material Location

  • Way-Finding

  • Book Store Online Purchasing

  • Volunteer Applications

  • Decreased Wait Times for Registration/Purchasing

  • Reduced Costs for Payroll/Overhead

  • Increased Employee Proficiency

  • Increased Branding/Visibility

Donations Kiosk

  • Inspire spontaneous and anonymous giving

  • Accept Debit, Credit, Electronic Check or Cash(optional)

  • Accept donations any time of the day

  • Generate greater visibility and attention

  • Encourage many first time and recurring contributions

  • Donor may contribute to a general fund or select a preferred category

  • Issue paper and email receipts for tax record keeping purposes


Entertainment Kiosk

  • Customer Reward & Loyalty Programs

  • Event Highlights & Updates

  • Event Betting Purchase

  • Event Ticket Purchase

  • Promotional Offers/Giveaways

  • Ordering Menu Items

  • Ticket Redemption for Prizes

  • Birthday Party/Customer Check-in

Church Kiosk

  • Promote your ministry, guest speakers and events

  • Allow Parishioners to make Offerings & Donations with Credit/Debit Cards.

  • They can also give online Offerings & Donations.

  • Allow parishioners to promote their businesses

  • Your ministries books, tapes, etc. can be promoted at kiosk

  • Sign up for Giving on Mobile at kiosk

  • Deposited directly into your banking account

  • Accepts credit cards and debit cards

  • Receipt printed for offering tray or your receipt


Capitol bankcard offers cuztomized Kiosks tailored to suit your bussiness needs

Industry Solutions:

  • Health Care 

  • Marketing

  • Utility 

  • Retail

  • Education

  • Goverment

  • Church Kiosk

  • Donation Kiosk



Market Solutions

  • Fundraising Kiosk

  • HR Kiosk

  • Security Kiosk

  • Gaming Kiosk

  • Ticketing Kiosk

  • Locker kiosk

  • Retail Kiosk

  • Automaited Retail Kiosk

  • Financial Kiosk

  • Health Care Kiosk

  • Ordering Entry Kiosk

  • Check-in Kiosk

  • Information Kiosk

  • College Kiosk

  • Campus Kiosk

  • Photo Kiosk 

Gov't Solutions

  • DMV Kiosk

  • Corrections Kiosk

  • Education Kiosk

  • Travel & Tourisum Kiosk

  • Bill Payment Kiosk


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