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Capitol bankcard Merchant Service Solutions knows the importance of online sales payment processing is for the future of your business, so we have put together a low cost easy and affordable solution that will allow you to accept all major credit cards debit/atm cards checks etc. We have put into place many security fraud protection measures even though all processing tractions are PCI complientOur merchants are able to set up with us our virtual terminal a payment cycle for their customers by storing customers imformation thou a data base. All information is safe and secure, Capitol bankcard Merchant Service Solutions will allow our customers through a certified payment gateway use multiple methods of payments on file for every customer. Credit Cards and Checking Account can be stored for each customer, set up an automatic default payment method with back up incase the default is decline or default is in erro. you will always have your payment on time with out having to hassel your customer or repeatidly for billing information.


Traditional retail merchants should consider e-commerce credit card processing for their business. Even if merchants don't think of themselves as an Internet business, having a website can help increase sales at a relatively low cost and add to the bottom line. Building an e-commerce enabled website is easier than ever. Many web hosting companies have products that allow you to build a website in a very short time. They have wizards that take you through each step of the process which allow you to add your products to the website easily. This can be done even if you don't have any real technical know how.


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