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Age Verification Systems



Welcome to I-Identify a service that provides Age Verification and ID Verification software systems for your business. If you sell alcohol, tobacco, and other controled products, this is the service you need to protect you from the suspension of your business license and fines, due to sales to minors,fraudulent credit card purchases and the list goes on. these brings charge backs and much lost of income. Our software verifies drivers license for all of North America and Canada. Be responsible, you need this service for your business​. 

Protect your business w/ I-Dentify


Build a positive reputation for your business community with I-Dentify. Prevent the cost of citations, loss  of liquor

​license and loss of income. I-Dentify provides a tracking system for each clerk, batch reports, proof of ID check,

​compiles mailing lists of customers and can be added to most terminals




Standard ID/age verification utilizing government issued ID cards or

​drivers' licenses can now be extended beyond the counter to remote

​locations. Wireless connectivity to a central database for example,

​provides the user with a new standard for accurate ID verification.

Mobile, light-weight with internal rechargeable battery and large

​display. Versatility of reading any types of Identification Cards. Identify

​offers the best ID scanners for the security of your POS devices and

​your business.

Money Detectors



Compact, mobile, versatile and easy to carry money detector which

​offers high security to detect counterfeits to reduce the loss of sales.

​Simply run the cash bill to the device and message will be displayed

​from the LCD screen which verifies whether the cash bill is a

​counterfeit or real money.



Recommended by law enforcement. Simply make a small mark on any

​US currency bill and a clear or light amber mark passes the test on

​anything dark brown or black fails. Save hundreds of dollars or even

​thousand over a few dollar of investment.

Money Counters

An automatic bill counter can take a stack of bills and give you an exact number in a matter of seconds. When you have stacks of cash to count, this can save you hours of time. So long as you keep your bills ​ separated by denomination and have a calculator on hand, you can count down a cash drawer ​ (or ten dozen) in a matter of minutes.


When you need to count money, you don't want to have to waste

​time separating bills and double-checking your numbers. Not only is it

​tedious to sit and count money, but it's a task that does not improve

​with volume. There's only one easy way to make money-counting

​more efficient, and that's with an automated bill counter. Many bill

​counters also come with change counters, so

that you can have an easy time totaling your coins as well.




Compact, fast and reliable,  Accubanker D500 immediately  verifies the

​authenticity of US currency and its denomination. Extremely user

​friendly and accurate, a versatile component to any business. Audible

​and visual warning gives an alert signal whenever a suspicious bill is

​detected. Reduce Counterfeit Losses with Accubanker D500's high

​quality detection and accuracy.

. Liquor Stores


. Convenience Stores


. Tobacco & Smoke Shops


. Drug Stores / Pharmacy


. Supermarkets


. Gun & Sporting Goods


. Car Rental Agencies


. Hotels & Motels


. Bars & Restaurants


. Nightclubs


. Casinos


. Bowling Centers


. Arenas & Sports Venues

. Liquor & Tobacco Sales


. Gun & Ammo Sales


. Check Cashing


. Cash Advance


. Credit Applications


. Job Applicant ID

. Rental

. Concert / Special Event

I-Dentify Age Verification

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