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Q . What types of businesses do you serve?

A . Any business that currently accepts credit cards or would like to accept credit cards.



Q . I am a new business or have never accepted credit cards. Can you help me?

A . Absolutely. Just complete the apply form using the information you have available and one of our representatives will follow-up with you to provide a custom pricing quote.



Q . Can you lower my current rates?

A . Capitol bankcard will provide the merchant with an effective rate (including discount rate and downgrades) that will beat what they are currently paying per month with their existing processor.



Q . I’m currently under contract with another provider – can you still help me?

A . Many times, we can reduce your monthly cost enough to justify breaking an existing contract, covering the cancellation fee by switching to Capitol bankcard. Just send us your current merchant statement and Capitol bankcard will complete a cost comparison.



Q . What is Capitol bankcards rate?

A . Rather than using pre-set rates, Capitol bankcard offers our best rate according to your volume, average ticket size and other key variables.



Q . Does Capitol Bankcard payments support payment applications such as Quickbooks?

A . There are thousands of unique payment applications that businesses use to customize payment processing. Capitol Bankcard can support most of the more popular applications. Specifically, we can support Quickbooks, but it does require a plugin. When you speak with an Capitol bankcard account executive, we can verify if we can support the payment application you use.



Q . If I already have POS equipment, do I have to buy new equipment?

A . In most scenarios, the POS equipment you have in place is simple to reprogram. 



Q . What if I need POS equipment?

A . We offer a variety of solutions from mobile solutions that attach to smart phones or tablets to a choice of POS terminals, virtual terminals and software integrations using a gateway, all at market-competitive prices.



Q . Is there any set-up fee or up-front cost?

A . With the exception of potential equipment costs, there are no up-front expenses.



Q . Do applications go through an underwriting process? Is the business owner credit checked?

A . Yes, all merchant applications undergo underwriting and credit checks because if a merchant sells something that they can't deliver, don't deliver, partially deliver, deliver poorly, or is defective in some way, and the business can't remedy the situation with their own financial resources, the merchant services provider is accountable for all chargebacks and losses.



Q . What differentiates Capitol bankcard in the marketplace?

A . Capitol bankcards commitment to making payments easy for merchants differentiates us from the rest. Industry leading products, secure, reliable systems and friendly, knowledgeable support ensure that merchants are able to accept payments quickly, easily and affordably.



Q . How long does it take to open an account with Capitol bankcard and start to process payments?

A . Once you have been approved, it generally takes 3-5 business days to set-up an account and begin processing payments.



Q . Will Capitol bankcard have a service contract? How long?

A . Yes, Capitol bankcard will have an industry standard 3-year contract.


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