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Consumer Demand

Few products over the past decade have resonated with consumers like gift cards. As plastic came to replace writing checks for most consumers, gift cards also came to replace paper certificates. Consumers have come to expect gift cards as a standard product available at virtually any business. So why not give the customer what they want?


Brand Recognition

Consumers have an overwhelming number of choices when they shop. How will they recognize and remember your business? Your brand is what helps customers separate you from your competition. Extending your brand to your gift cards not only helps to establish your product as a premium, it helps to promote your identity among your customers and those around them.



Gift & Loyalty Cards

Increase revenue and sales with gift and loyalty cards



Gift cards serve to enhance brand awareness for your product or service while also being an excellent source of additional revenue for your company.

The cards are customized with your business name and act as a constant reminder of your brand, serving as a miniature billboard in your customer’s wallet. The balance on the card declines as the card is used, which helps to encourage repeat visits and limits the amount of cash refunds given. They also offer a more convenient alternative to paper gift certificates.


We also offer customized loyalty cards for your business, which help you reward and retain your loyal customers.

Loyalty cards reward customers for their purchases, giving them a compelling reason to choose your business over another and keep coming back. They also allow you to track the purchaser’s behavior and capture a customer profile for use in market research. Unlike paper gift certificates, gift and loyalty cards have no value until you activate them at the register.


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