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Our payment acceptance solutions are PCI-DSS compliant (according to the most recent standards

  • Restaurants

  • Mobile Businesses

  • Online Businesses

  • Farmers Markets

  • Supermarkets

  • Retail Stores

  • Repair Shops

  • Doctor's Office

  • Gas Stations

  • and many more...



  • Gift & Loyalty

  • Checks

  • E-Commerce

  • Cash Advance

  • Loans

  • Kiosk Services

  • Mobile 

  • Municipal Pay

  • PayPal Pay Flow

  • Survailiance Cameras

  • and many more...

Credit Card Processing

Fast. Simple. Secure.


Meet Customer Expectations by Offering Debit & Credit Card Payment Options.It's a great way for your business to recruit new customers, increase sales and streamline cash flow.Debit and credit card processing from Capitol Bankcard Merchant Service Solutions offers you a fast, simple, secure way to expand your business payment offerings. Plus, sales revenue is automatically deposited into your account the next business day.

Guaranteed Lowest Rates!!!

  • Adult Entertainment

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Travel Agencies

  • Online Tabacco/Ciggarette

  • Gambling

  • Medical Marijuana

  • MSB Check Cashers

  • Real Estate Brokers

  • and many more...



POS Solutions

Solutions for all Business types


Inovate your Business image with our user friendly POS solutions for Ios Ipad and Tablets for Resturants and Retail Stores, etc. Energize your Sales by using our smart Apps new attractive hardware and devices which enhances your ability to service your customers Fast, Secure and Safe. Increase Sales, Increase Revenue, Increase opportunities the Power is in your hands


Broaden your customer base 


EBT/SNAP is widley available at most grocery stores, but now more and more food businesses including farmers markets- are accepting EBT cards to broaden their customer base and it's a pretty large base that they are targeting-USD's Food and Nutrition Services (FNS), which administers the program, estimates that SNAP puts healthy food on the table for more then 38 million people it serves each month...

Managing & Growing Your Business Just Got Easier

Capitol Bankcard Merchant Service Offer many Solutions other then just credit card processing such as Social Media Solutions, Donation Kiosk, Fundraising, Security Surveilance, Merchant Cash Advance and more.....



All Retailers accepting EBT/SNAP and have received free EBT equipment and services from the government before March 2014, will have to purchase or lease new EBT equipment and have new service set up from a third party merchant service provider on or before Sept.21-2014. Services will be suspended until such. This is due to the new Law passed by congress on Febuary 2014, Agricultural Act of 2014, P.L. 113-79. We are offering a very low price on EBT/ CREDIT Card equipment to all existing EBT/SNAP retailers who haven't as yet switch. Call us today 1 877 291 3788.


EBT/SNAP can be accepted at any retail stores and vendors, restaurants, gas stations, liquor stores, repair shops, hair and nail salons, doctors and dental offices etc. can now accept EBT/SNAP cards...

Purchase your New PCI EMV Ready EBT/SNAP And Credit Card Machines Today... HURRY LOW PRICE... FREE If Qualify.

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