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Dear Retailer,

Please be advise that our EBT/SNAP equipment lease program or purchase of new equipment allows retailers to continue processing EBT transactions, and for non qualify retailers will have to make cash purchase for equipment at a low cost cash price. 




All lease agreement are approve 2-24 hours. terminals are EMV and PCI ready and can accept  EBT/SNAP andall major credit cards transactions. 


            No Hidden Fees

            No Boarding Fees

            No Application Fees

            No Monthly Minimums

            No Discount Rate

            No Upfront Charge for Lease

            No Equipment Replacement Cost

            All Equipment are Swap Out with Lease Agreement or Cash purchase

            Retailers Boarding With us please Submit With Application FNS#

            Applications are Approve In 2 Hours

            Free Technical Support Available 

            Payment Are Automatically Taken At The End Of Each Month

            EBT Transaction Processing Service Is Provided By Capitol Bankcard

            who has partnered with EBT/SNAP

            We Send Out Your Replacement Unit 3-5 business days After 

            Paperwork is Receive

            All Equipment Are Sent Out Ready To Process, Just Plug In


Because of our many EBT/SNAP processors there will be no interruption in service as long as applications are submitted before September 21st 2014.



Call Us 1 877 291 3788

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